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Alternative Investments


The Alternative USD Investment Portfolio uses quantitative principles supported by a qualitative overlay in order to identify alpha generating returns. The Alternative USD Investment portfolio utilizes the implementation of multiple strategies for all market types offshore:

  • Mean Reversion: Identifying securities that have been mispriced in the short- to medium term using a blend of strategies to profit as stocks revert back to their mean.
  • Momentum: Price continuation and/or trend following. Buying securities that continue with momentum, the system attempts to capture as much of the trend as possible.
  • Market Neutral: Being market neutral in bullish, bearish and sideways markets. Aiming to remove market risk by being equal weight both long and short within the same sector.
  • Special Opportunities: Running a discretionary strategy both long and short and taking advantage of various market events or extremes in sentiment.
These strategies have been developed internally by our Development team by making use of Quantitative methods to establish a winning universe of stocks. The portfolio is actively managed and the investment horizon per strategy differs although the focus is over the short-to medium term.
For Tax Efficient structures, this is now managed in an Equity Index Basket (EIB) or/and Protected Cell Company (PCC)


We have incorporated the most profitable strategies that are discussed and reviewed daily by the Investment team. All Investment decisions have been enhanced and walked forward in order to be robust across multiple markets.

  • From a Technical perspective: Allows us to time the market and manage our risk efficiently – Entering and exiting out of various positions by following the defined strategies.
  • From a Fundamental perspective: We look at the top listed companies on the FTSE, Nasdaq and S&P. These are also the most liquid stocks listed on their respective exchanges.
  • From a Risk perspective: We look to provide our clients with favourable risk to reward ratios with regards to Alpha generating returns.
We diversify investment strategies to be positioned at all times to take advantage of all market types. By using this approach with a blend of strategies together with sound risk management principles we believe a positive expectancy is created to generate Alpha. Our aim is to provide double digit returns annually over a period of time.

Skycastle international investments is a South African based company specializing in Asset management with a key focus in Alternative Investments both locally and offshore. We provide services that are critical to Investors and active traders across the globe (FSP 48889)

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